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Paprika – Review March 24, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.

Paprika is a weird anime movie. Let us get that right out in the open because I know a lot of my friends avoid anime because they label it ‘weird’.  Well, this film is one of the ‘weird’ ones. The story goes a little something like this; things start to get a little bit shaky when someone steals one of the townsman’s inventions, so now a young girl is responsible for getting the device back, before it falls into the wrong hands and the real world and world of dreams merge into a chaotic hybrid.

Paprika is a psychological, mind warping, anime adventure that’s as likely to leave you very confused the first time you watch it, as it is to leave you with your jaw dropped on the floor. The film is produced by Studio Madhouse, and rendered in a bold, bright, and kinetic blend of 3-D and traditional animation.


The main thing that Paprika suffers from is the stigma of the genre. So there are a few oddball characters speaking in strangeish accents, much like a kung fu film. That and not being used to anime will turn a lot of people off, but it’s just like vegetables when you were a kid, it pays to try new things now and again. ‘Paprika’ is a dense, visually stunning acid trip that only begins to make sense as it draws to a close. The story isn’t necessarily confusing, but it does hold back every important piece of info until the film has gained some momentum.

To my relief, things eventually clicked and I realized ‘Paprika’ wasn’t as confusing as I first thought.  Viewing this on Blu-ray disc, I noticed the picture is framed with black bars all around. Why, I do not know. Regardless, Paprika is stunning. Paprika is stored in the standard Blu-ray case. The cover features some wild artwork, which made this review very visually appealing, as I used stills from the movie to make the images above. As you can see, very bright colors are used thorughout this movie and they show up sharp and sleek. If you are in the mood for a thinking man’s anime, you should do yourself a favor and pick this gem up.  Slightly Recommended.


1. frupachino - March 24, 2009

wow, you have an excellent blog going on here. you just left us a comment on the movie-quatic… funnily enough i just made it, so feel free to ignore the ‘test’ reviews i posted. :p
anyway, i can’t wait to tell marty about this- we’re both huge fans of asian cinema… and it’s good to know there are other enthusiastic movie-review bloggers out there!
good to meet you, i’ll definitely be checking back to see your new reviews.

2. vestque - March 24, 2009

I watched Paprika last summer. (It was my first summer completely out of school so I used it to catch up on all of the classic anime movies :P)

I liked it, you’re right, it’s VERY confusing in the beginning. But then once you get the hang of things and actually grasp at the meaning behind the story it’s quite a wonderful film. I really liked the ending and the characters were very well developed and thought-out.

Another classic physiological anime film you should take a look at is Perfect blue. It’s not as zany and outrageous as Paprika but it will take you for a loop and it has a great story line. Also it’s a suspense/thriller, and who doesn’t like thrillers? 😛

cello85 - March 24, 2009

Indeed. Perfect Blue? Got it, I will make it the next anime movie review I do. Plan on seeing it thrown up Thursday Morning 🙂

vestque - March 24, 2009

Cool! I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m extremely interested in what you’ll think. It’s one of my faves 😛

I think the best way to really watch Perfect blue is in the original Japanese with English subs. The English Dub is alright, but some things are lost in translation (Which is what happens to many good Animes :P) Though if you can’t find the Japanese version the Dub is perfectly fine, lol.

I have PLENTY of recommendations for good anime movies, I really dove into the genre last summer. I might poke you with a few recommends in the future 😛 Wanna wait though and get a good feel for your blog….I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll be going, lol. Can’t wait for the Perfect Blue review 😀


3. hagiblog - March 24, 2009

This is one of the few anime flicks that I wanted to watch but never got to. It kept getting pushed back in favor of other flicks. Looks like I better put it back to the top.

4. cinemapoacher - March 26, 2009

Haven’t seen this one yet. A few of my movie friends have recommended it over and over again to me.

Great blog, btw, I’ll link it on mine.

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