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Naruto Shippuden: The Movie – Review May 22, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.


OK, this movie review is particular hard, and I suppose I should apologize. Naruto Shippuden isn’t a stand alone movie. It’s based off a long ongoing series that you must follow before diving into the movies. To make matters worse, this is the fourth movie in the franchise. So make sure you get yourself familiar with Naruto before you dive into this film. But, if you are a fan of the series you are in for a treat, as this one is my favorite movie out of the bunch.  Together with his selected team that consists of Sakura, Neji and Rock Lee, they have a mission to protect and escort the High Priestess of Demon Country, Shion. At the mean time, Kakashi and other Jounins are fighting to stop the advancement of the statue warriors brought back alive by Mouryou.

The opening scene of the movie shows a prediction of what should happen in the future of the movie. It shows Naruto battling a monster, only to be killed by it. A funeral is held for Naruto in his home village, to which Sakura Haruno, Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga are shown to attend, along with others. The setting then returns to a few days previous, where a man named Yomi attacks a shrine to retrieve the spirit of Moryo, a demon who attempted to take over the world and create his Thousand Year Kingdom. Since he is lacking a body, Yomi offers his as a temporary substitute until they can retrieve Moryo’s original one. Naruto now faces a challenge that he might die, which is a lot more to handle then when these characters were younger. An ancient demon has been released and will take over the world unless it’s sealed. The demon sends out his subordinates to kill the only person in the world who is capable of sealing the demon. But before this happens they all got a clue of the demons realease and motive and sent Naruto, Sakura, Rock Lee and Neji to protect the girl Shion so that she can seal the demon.


There is not much info for the 4 Jounins. After watching them in battle, I noticed that 4 of them, as individuals are very weak. They need the chakra supply to gain their power and to fight. Once they’re out of chakra, they will revert back to their normal human forms. There is 3 main battle in this movie. Rock Lee vs Setsuna – This is one of the best fight scenes in this movie. Rock Lee doesnt have any ninjutsu techniques to defeat Setsuna that has transformed into a solid rock monster forcing him to use the forbidden third, fourth and fifth gate techniques. Rock Lee managed to perform it perfectly but didnt leave any effect on Setsuna. Rock Lee went on to his final resort, a chocolate bon-bon pill gave to him by Gai Sensei. After consuming it, Rock Lee managed to destroy Setsuna with one of his kicks.

Also please take note that the best parts in Naruto movies always comes at the last 15-20 minutes in the end, so stay glued to your TV screen. As a Naruto fan myself, this movie is a great one although the bad guys this time are a bit soft and got easily defeated. Other than that, I enjoyed watching it very much. If you are a fan of the series its almost automatic essential viewing but if you are a casual fan of the show, this will also peak your interest.



1. Tellie - May 23, 2009

I’m not much of a Naruto fan. Thanks for the review, I won’t be wasting my time, lol.

2. Ella - September 1, 2009

i LOVE naruto, especially shippuuden

anyway, you said you would checkmy blog and i also wanted to tell ya i have a new post 😉

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