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Naked Weapon – Review May 28, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


A crime organization recruits forty very young girls to train and develop them to become female assassins known as the China Dolls. Madame M (Almen Wong) in-charge of recruitment supervises the girls training in all aspects of making killing an art form, but also includes becoming a very desirable woman. It is Madame M’s belief that men are weakest when they are the happiest, thus the girls are also trained to give sexual pleasure to their targets before killing them. After 6 years of training, graduation time arrives and all of the trainees are thrown into a large cage where they must fight each other to the death.

OK, I get it. Naked Weapon is just an excuse to have a bunch of pretty girls doing some really cool looking stuff, like killing people in slow-motion while wearing very little.  Action choreographer/director Tony Ching earns his keep and then some, delivering impressive, acrobatic action sequences dripping with over-the-top style. Even though this film still exhibits many exploitative elements, the 95% female casting was able to demand more input into the creative process and reduce these questionable practices that have usually meant bigger profits when released in the cinema and onto video.


Naked Weapon for me was like a cross between Battle Royale with a bit of Charlie’s Angels and The Matrix thrown in for good measure. There’s nothing else of substance here, no decent script, no good ideas, no real characters, no real plot. In a film like this, two girls in a shower should only mean one thing – not a character building moment of emotion. It lets you down on two counts. Lousy drama, lousy lack of soapy women. My initial reaction from watching this movie for the first time was that a lot of thought was put into delivering characters that we can sympathise with, both the director and cast have done well in this respect.

The reliance on over the top wirework takes the realism out of the fights but these aren’t then pushed far enough to make any sort of sense on their own terms. The English dubbing is also quite problematic, though, as far as this reviewer is concerned, not surprising. Naked Weapon is a strange hybrid of a film. It blends a great amount of violence with an even greater amount of nudity; nothing explicit, really, but enough to force many to conclude that it is indeed just another exploitation film meant to arouse rather than provoke. Alas, I’m a guy after all, and I like nudity…and violence. Sue me.



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