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Sick Nurses – Review May 29, 2009

Posted by Cello in Asian Horror Reviews.


This film was recommended to me by a reader and I am glad she did. The first thing I noticed about Sick Nurses is the fact that I have never seen this many hot nurses working in a hospital outside of a soap opera or porn. The title says it all about Sick Nurses, a slickly executed and extremely grisly ghost story about a sexy hospital staff paying the price for selling bodies on the black market. It should be noted that due to Thailand’s strict censorship laws the film is denied the extra layer of sleaze.

One of the nurses is in love with the doctor, and plans to marry him. She brings her little sister to work at the hospital and the little sister promptly sleeps with the doctor and gets pregnant. The first sister is so distraught by the betrayal that she threatens to turn everyone in for the body-part sales business, so the rest of the nurses gang up and kill her. Her vengeful spirit only has a limited amount of time to get its revenge, so it waits till the last 15 minutes before the stroke of midnight to do its dirty work.


I know what you’re saying at this point; another lame vengeful ghost movie from Asia, who cares? Sick Nurses is different, though. All of the prevalent dark humor, amidst the gore, is what gives Sick Nurses its edge. Plus, once the plot details get revealed, it goes up another notch by introducing a couple of twists that really push this one into the realm of mondo bizarro. Ghostly justice is indeed a bitch.

As terrified victims flee from one incongruously decorated and notably empty hospital room to the next, events rise just above standard slasher mechanics with shots of jet-black humor and some nifty surprises. The filmmakers also stretch their clearly meager budget with some smart and stylish trick photography, with things happening in the back of the frame or just before a cut that leaves the viewer wondering if they really saw what they think they just saw.  Even with the toned-down sexploitation factor and the relative incoherence of the plot, Sick Nurses should connect with an audience looking for a fun and original Asian horror movie.



1. goregirl - May 29, 2009

Sexy nurses harvesting organs and vengeful spirits, I don’t know why I was putting off seeing this!!?? I will have to try to rent this one next week! I picked up Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance yesterday. Can’t wait to watch that this weekend! Oldboy is an absolute masterpiece! And that ending!

Have a great weekend!
Cheers, Goregirl!!

2. Heather - May 29, 2009

Okay, I know you’re SAYING that it’s a pretty decent movie, but somewhere between the lines I just didn’t feel your normal enthusiasm. Because alot of films of this “type” have left me underwhelmed I don’t think it’s something I could get too excited about without a huge endorsement.

And………uh……..speaking of……review requests…..I found out what Legend Of The Overfiend actually is. I think it’s some comical anime porn flick…….funny yes, but if you actually want to tread down that road, you should be warned. My husband told me to ask you to review it and for some reason I didn’t notice him snickering. He snickers alot. I’ll kick his shin later…….just wanted to give you the warning.

3. eResumes4Vips - May 29, 2009

Why are Japanese movies so melodramatic? It seems as though the plot always center around grand inhumanity, mental and emotional abuse, and/or a love affair that cannot be consummated due to polarities of social and political caste incongruence (2 people from opposite sides of the tracks). Am I missing something? — eResumes4Vips

4. Cello - May 29, 2009


Yeah, I’ve only reviewed 3 horror movies, as like you, we know how ho-hum they really are. Especially all the PG-13 nonsense that has been coming out stateside. However, there is an up side to this. If I do a review of a horror movie I walked away impressed and thats saying something since you and me are both a little cynical towards the horror crap of today. Even the new movie Drag me to Hell looks week. But its Sam Raimi, and Evil Dead was legit, so I’m still on the fence. Sick Nurses won’t become anyone favorite movie, or make any top 10 lists but it was above average.


This is why Jerry Springer was so popular for so long right? People quarrel over love and emotions. This makes for a good stage for most dramas. Abuse is good for drama and the repercussions of said actions can result in crazy results. Only certain movies can pull it off nicely though.

5. hagiblog - May 29, 2009

Isn’t that what’s so great about Japanese movies though? Instead of hot, twentysomethings getting into trouble we get some characters who actually have, well, character! HAHA!

I’m down for this flick on the title alone. I like my horror with some black comedy thrown in. Besides, I haven’t had my fill of ghost revenge flicks yet.

Cello - May 29, 2009

Hagi I had you in mind while writing this up, the youtube video where her jaw gets ripped off had your name written all over it buddy lol. This movie was at my local hollywood video so it shouldn’t be hard to track down.

hagiblog - May 30, 2009

I’ve already gotten my copy of it! HAHA! I didn’t even watch that clip, I just read your review and it sounded like something I’d be up for. However I just watched the clip now, wow, that was crazy sick. You’re right, it was completely my thing. HAHA!

6. Cello - May 29, 2009

oh yeah Legend Of The Overfiend is Hentai [anime porn] I googled the movie beforehand. Tell your husband he’s not funny….well actually it is a little funny lol.

7. Heather - May 30, 2009

That is true about horror movies. I am also starting to feel the same way about comedies. If one is at least original even if it isn’t a very good movie (like Observe and Report) I have a higher appreciation for just breaking the mold and going in a different direction.

My BIL almost got me to go to Drag Me To Hell last night. I ended up working too late, and yes the director may have done the Evil Dead (thumbs up) but he is also responsible for SpiderMan and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOATHE that series.

8. serintais - June 1, 2009

Thanks for your comment on my page! So I came to visit yours; loved this review even though jaw cuttings off generally terrify me, I’m very happy to read about them!

9. glothelegend - June 3, 2009

That scene was incredibly stupid, yet incredibly disturbing. Oh well time for bed.

10. glothelegend - June 3, 2009

By the way, this is a damn good site. Keep it up.

11. Apricot - September 3, 2009

I just got done watching that movie and I was pretty amazed by the ending. This movie definitely threw some curve balls! I especially enjoyed some of the comedic moments; for example, the part where one nurse opens the door and excalims, “Whoa! So sexy!”

12. Suzumiya Yuki - January 21, 2010

These were indeed some sick nurses and that ghost…That ghost was LOVE. Second time I’ve loved the dead since Whispering Corridors 4. And Isee you reviewd that as well, I will get to it in a second.

Even better, Sick Nurses is on BluRay now. Nothing better than cute deadily nurses in HD.

I almost cried for the twins at the bathtub scene but that ghost would make me smile and the tears would leave me.

Sick Nurses for the collection.

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