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Batman: Gotham Knight – Review August 25, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.


Designed to obviously stir up interest among fans with the release of Dark Knight, imagine my enthusiasm as an anime fan when I had heard that an anime movie was underway for DC Comic’s Batman. Gotham Knight features six stand-alone, but connected stories about Batman, Bruce Wayne and the cast of colorful characters we’ve all come to know and love in Batman Begins.  This straight-to-DVD animation delves into Batman’s relationship with Gotham City and each vignette shows a different aspect of the city as it relates to the need for a savior. However, If you think this is a theatrical Batman movie or something like the animated American TV shows then you’re probably going to be bored, confused, and disappointed.

Although the animation for each segment is performed by different studios, when viewed as a whole, the animation is largely Japanese anime-ish. The shortcoming is not the anime art style, but the animation technique itself, which sometimes makes the lip-synching sloppy and the voices too over-the-top. Where the animation dissapoints, the music makes up for it as it is nothing short of fantastic. The soundtrack boasting a full orchestral score that would make some live-action movies ashamed. The content is a little slower than we’re accustomed to and though some fantastic action is here it’s definitely not a nonstop thrill ride.


The in-between segments range from pretty good, to intriguing, to abysmal. Overall, Batman Gotham Knight is effective in portraying the many facets of Batman in an anime style. I’d like to have seen a more pronounced anime aesthetic, but overall it was quite good. But, no matter how good, casual viewers may not have the patience or interest to truly enjoy some of the episodes, and newcomers may find the jumping plots and different animation a bit much.

Coming off the hype for the Dark Knight, I must admit it was great to have a new Batman project. I felt like this one might have been better suited for those who are particularly interested in animation or seeing some really experimental stuff. Overall, it’s not a completely tight package, but it’s mostly good, as I enjoyed myself for the majority of it. For a Batman fan, I’d say yeah definitely get this. If your a casual fan, no, but I would reccommend just watch the last two features if someone you know owns it.



1. Pandora - August 25, 2009

Being a fan of Batman I feel like I should probably see it, but your review is making me feel like I should just skip it. Eh I’d probably just add it to the “too see” list that only gets longer rather than shorter anyway. 🙂

2. hagiblog - August 27, 2009

I really liked this movie. It looked very cool and it was fun to have all these different takes on Batman. From what I remember it did have a little to do with the films where it was a very loose idea of what was going on between the Nolan films. I was just disappointed that it didn’t involve any of the bigger characters from the Batman universe, aside from a couple.

I think it would’ve been really interesting to see an anime-ish take on his major villains.

3. Phear - August 27, 2009

I have to be honest, this is probably my least favorite review you have ever done. I disagree wholeheartedly with your grade of a D+.

This group of short films was outstanding in my opinion because they all captured sides of Batman that the films never do. Yes, it was released to instill even more hype to The Dark Knight, but they’re all still incredibly well animated. I would’ve at least given it a B- myself.

Cello - August 28, 2009

Thanks for your honesty! Theres no denying how fluid the animation is. I guess our argument lies within the storytelling. The Iron Man Anime movie is coming soon, maybe we’ll be able to agree on that? 😉

4. AILISH - September 6, 2009

Is Christian Bale carrying on in the next Batman release?

5. manga - September 15, 2009

I watched the later half of the movie the other day and I was surprised, I found it to be pretty well animated and yes, this is how I want Batman to be.

Everything from the animation to the sound was great.

I find it a pretty nice idea to give out stories from various parts of Batmans life, I watched this and if I understand it right I even learned a thing or two about Batman. And learning is always fun.

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