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Written By – Review September 29, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


Written By is a film that explores the psyche of a person dealing with loss and becomes a fascinating exploration of how people cope with tragedy. Lau Ching-wan plays a lawyer who dies in a car accident, leaving his daughter, Melody, blind and making his wife a widow. The father who was killed in a car accident finds himself resurrected as a character in his daughter’s novel that she had written for her mom to cheer her up.

Kind of a bizarre plot I know, but it gets even stranger. To the daughters surprise, the character of her father in her book decides that He himself needs to write his own novel. In his version of his novel he has died but his wife and daughter have lived…and on and on in an endless loop of wounded characters.  The director himself said that he didn’t know exactly what was going on at times in the film, saying he spent a year editing, cycling through nearly dozens of versions till he felt this one was the best. A very interesting tidbit of info that resulted in a film I have never experienced before.


For what the script demands from them, however, the actors do a terrific job. Ultimately, its a good film but it juggles way to many different emotions and character points. I knew what I was watching was quality filmmaking but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Written By’s production fantastic great crane shots, good lighting and bright colors, and very imaginative special effects.

The same cinematographer from John Woo’s classic Hard Boiled does a great job with what he is given.  If you are looking for a final verdict on this film of what I thought about Written By, you aren’t going to get it. I am unsure whether or not I enjoyed this film and it demands repeat viewings that I just don’t have the time to commit too. If interesting asian films are up your alley then you should definetely check out this film.  It’s a film that will stretch your imagination, tug at your heartstring and requires your utmost concentration.


1. hagiblog - September 29, 2009

Sounds interesting but also something that demands too much emotional involvement. If the director is taking a year to edit into something that he finds understandable then I worry that it winds up being a confusing mess. Might be something I’d check out when I really had the time to dive in.

2. glothelegend - October 2, 2009

This looks pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll write a book.

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