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Samurai Princess – Review October 2, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


I am aware many of my readers are familiar with the gorish insane films like Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl. Well I have another one for you, this time its a film entitled Samurai Princess. From Japanese Kengo Kaji, the same guy who directed those said films, makes sure he ups the ante once again but continues to ignore a cohesive storyline.  Samurai Princess is a revenge tale that takes place in a world where mortals live among insane and murderous human/android hybrids. Despite the films title, Aino Kishi plays neither a samurai nor a princess.

The violence is incredibly cartoonish, and hard to take seriously, and although the effects are imaginative and well-handled, if you’re familiar with this directors work you should know what you are getting into.  The acting is mostly poor and cinematographer sucks and the action can induce seizures. However, this film offers cheerfully sick entertainment for those with strong stomachs and is nothing but pure fun. If you come into this film with ANY other mindset you will be frustrated that you wasted 90 minutes of your life. The director can’t even frame a shot properly, and the action, for all the lovingly realized gore it leads to, is not exciting.


Like I’ve said before, Samurai Princess is one of those movies that functions mainly as a violence delivery system. Those wanting to see the human body mutilated in a variety of creative and fantastical ways won’t come away disappointed. There is severed limbs to sword slices to breast grenades. Thats right…breast grenades. For all my readers who aren’t big fans of importing, Samurai Princess is set for DVD in the US on November 17th.

Everything goes to hell when a group of dolls goes berserk and start wreaking havoc and unthinkable carnage. A mad scientist named Kyoraku creates a special female ninja doll equipped with 11 different weapons in her body to go up against her rouge counterparts and end the senseless bloodshed.  As you can read, theres isn’t much plot difference between this and his previous films. Don’t be put off entirely, I’m just a stickler for originality and when I don’t get that in a film I dock the rating down a bit. In honesty, this is definitely one of the better and livelier examples of Japanese extreme cinema.



1. Shinigami_Uchiha - October 2, 2009

Nice blog men! the info about the movies are very cool . It seems that you enjoy bloody movies a lot eh? XD
see ya!

2. goregirl - October 2, 2009

I have not heard of this one! To hell with story! Bring on the psychotic dolls! Breast grenades?! Hello! November is too far away! I must see this immediately!!!

3. Heather - October 3, 2009

Samurai Princess? Yeah, you’ve got me interested by title alone. But then you add boob grenades………..well everything just sounds like insanity. Maybe not my cup of tea, but sure as heck sounds amusing.

4. hagiblog - October 5, 2009

HAHAHA! I’m with everyone else, boob grenades sold the movie to me! I will now hunt it down so I can be blown up by boob grenades!

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