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Devil May Cry – Review October 6, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime (TV) Series Reviews.


Devil May Cry, the anime series, mainly revolves around Dante who’s still down on his luck as a “devil hunter” that is out to hunt evil supernatural creatures called devils. I originally only watched this anime series because it was short and I thought it would be another of those lame half-assed attempts at milking an established franchise, so what have I got too lose?  I thought it’ll be another of those lame half-assed attempts at milking an established franchise. I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t exactly right either. The story is not actually a story, but a collection of mini tales each an episode long, depicting a day in Dante’s existence.

The series strays away from the games so many people knew and loved. I hate to compare it to Final Fantasy but when Advent Children came out, it did not make any attempt whatsoever to appeal to a broader audience than the fanbase, meaning it can rely on its original game to provide the emotional investment. This is just a smart move all around, which this anime didn’t really provide. I’m familiar with Devil May Cry but stopped playing the series after Part 2. Although the series attempts to mirror the game, it thoroughly fails to grasp the concept of using action to offset the lack of depth.


In other episodes, we see the femme fatales of the Devil May Cry universe, Lady and Trish, make their glorious reappearances much to the delight of fanboys. When I first saw the intro video of the series, I thought to myself that this was a nice touch.  The first episode showcases what is the series greatest strength and greatest weakness: Dante fighting demons. There are a wide variety of the creatures and the series’ animators are endlessly inventive in their depiction of Dante’s battles with them. Action scenes are great, and blood pours by the gallons.


It’s like in this whole series, he has only been fighting small fry, and no real boss-type level. I guess that’s what disappointed me. Like I said in the introduction to this review, the Devil May Cry universe should have offered a wealth of interesting story concepts to keep us involved.  The cool thing about this series is it’s available on Blu-ray disc for cheaper than the actual regular DVD set. Thats a hard argument to ignore.

Devil May Cry is an unusual anime series. Fans of the video game series may well enjoy seeing the adventures of their favorite characters in a form other than the games but casual viewers who haven’t played the games may be confused by the sudden arrivals, actions, and departures of various characters. It might have helped if I played sequels 3 & 4 on my videogame console, but who knows. As with any anime review, it’s imperative that I discuss the animation style. I’ve been a longtime fan of Madhouse Studio who did the awesome Ninja Scroll movie, and their excellent track record continues with this series. If I had to recommend, I’d say thumbs in the middle, as its a relative short series so it’s not a complete waste of your time.



1. Sean Dykink - October 6, 2009

Man, I have a friend who absolutely LOVVEES Devil May Cry.

2. goregirl - October 6, 2009

I just about blew my freaking wrist out playing this PS2 game! It took me forever to get through it. I love the graphics, the demon puppet things are nifty. I never did play the sequels (2 and 3) but I’ll just skip ahead and check out the DEVIL MAY CRY 4 for 360. I’m a little obsessed with my new toy at the moment!

3. Freedom Debt Relief - October 7, 2009

I love to watch action in anime series have not played the game but will watch the series anyway.

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