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The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks – Review October 9, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks has babes, boobs, and it doesn’t really bore, so it easily met the expecations of this reviewer.  This film isn’t afraid to take charge as it shows violence and sexual scenarios with delicate glee. This film (or these particular films) are so taboo that women from Hong Kong won’t even star in these movies from the fear of their careers being ruined. With that note, all the women in this Hong Kong flick are in fact, Japanese.  This film is a pretty convoluted affair, with a plot that resembles a soap opera, packed full of scheming, double dealings and betrayals.

Simon is the son of a sexologist named Simon. Upon reaching adulthood, he becomes a handsome womanizer. He knew about the drugs and techniques that can maximize carnal pleasures. Once he reached the proper age, his father hired a voluptuous harlot, Violetta to teach him the act of sex. Of course as the story progresses he meets someone he likes but can’t get rid of his evil womanizing ways and drama ensues.


Even though I can safely say I probably won’t be revisiting these types of films in the near future, I can compliment that because this was an actual theatrical release, there’s clearly been a bit more talent put into it. But throughout all the bells and whistles all I could walk away from this film was the message that all his dad really wanted for him was to meet some girl with whom he can settle down and have really awesome sex with. I am really surprised they made a sequel to this film considering how much the censor board threw a fit over Ang Lee’s Lust Caution.

The women in this film are certainly pretty, if nothing else, and clearly not shy.  All that is short praise, I know. But The Forbidden Legend is a short movie, not so much in length, but ambition.   Trying to critique this movie is almost pointless as it sets out not to be a good movie but to fulfill an agenda. It succeeds at it’s primary goal of erotic cinema, and it looks really good in the process. If you are easily satisfied or just curious then check this movie out.



1. anivention - October 11, 2009

Sex on chopsticks hmmm? your watching some strange stuff

2. gaguri - October 12, 2009

Oo not afraid to review porn are you =D

I’ve seen a few asian and european ‘erotic movies’ (which I think are a tier above flat out porn movies), and this one was bit lacking. Obviously the story and character components were nothing great, and as for sex scenes there were few pretty funny and kinky ones, but overall no where near as intense/symbolic as ones in, say, Lust Caution.

It’d be interesting if you reviewed anime erotic movies, i.e. Kite, Bible Black. Heeheehee

3. Cello - October 12, 2009

Anime erotic movies I can honestly say I’ve never seen any. My friend showed me a hentai where some alien was doing a chick in space and it kinda scarred me for life lol. But who knows, as this blog continues to grow, so do my horizons and I find myself viewing and reviewing films I necessarily wouldn’t watch otherwise. So keep your eyes peeled 😛

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