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Azumi 2 – Review October 12, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


Azumi 2 picks up right where the original Azumi left off, where Azumi is on the run with fellow killer Nagara, the two being the only ones still alive after the events of the first movie. Azumi just happened to kill the lord of Kanbei, who is a now, very vengeful samurai who is determined to get payback.

This sequel is significantly shorter; since it does have so little to work with in terms of plot. There is an effective twist near the climax and it does close the story of Azumi. People who are hyped up for this sequel and expecting the same quality of action and story in the original Azumi will be disappointed. The only thing that felt lacking was the absence of Bijomaru, the show-stealing psycho who was in the first film. I will give a big plus for the main villain, who had a measure of emotional depth to him. You actually feel sympathy for him in the end.


Azumi 2 can provide some enjoyment to fans of Japanese historical action movies. The fighting choreography is nothing too special, but the fighting scenes are somewhat enjoyable to watch because of the unique enemies and the weapons they use. Azumi 2 emphasizes the other side of Azumi… not the assassin, but the girl as a human who can be vulnerable like everyone else. So, if you’re looking for pure action movie, you may not like this one as much as the first one.

The music is different than the first one: more classical type of soundtracks, not so much trying to be unique. It might be pretentious, lascivious and reductive all at the same time, but to me, beautiful faces writ large upon a silver screen are just about the principle pleasure of the cinema. Azumi is hot and one of the most beautiful asian girls I’ve seen on screen. These actions sequences are all expertly executed and what I liked was that rarely if ever did they ever repeat a stunt or gimmick from the previous battles. Overall Azumi 2: Death or Love shouldn’t be taken to seriously since this film is all about having fun and nothing more.



1. glothelegend - October 13, 2009

I saw the first one. It had some cool fight scenes, but either the acting or the directing (can’t remember which) was so bad that….well…..it was really bad.

The second one has the girl who plays Gogo in Kill Bill in it, so I want to see it, but have never gotten around to it. I will say that I love samurai stuff and japan and assassins, so I can never truly hate these movies (they’d reaaaallly have to mess them up).

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