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Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds – Review October 14, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.


Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds is yet another movie based around the Naruto Universe. As most Naruto fans can attest, the release of this movie was highly anticipated for a good year and a half. We are introduced to the Sky Ninjas on an air carrier of sorts, equipped with chakra infused winged devices that were just beautifully animated. Kakashi, Sai and Shikamaru are sent to infiltrate the Sky Ninjas’ base. Meanwhile, Hinata, Sakura and Naruto are sent to help Amaru’s village which were also attacked by the ninjas. So basically your basic plot is to obviously stop these villians.

The ninja attacks, as it turns out, is revenge for the Second Great Ninja War in the past which Konoha destroyed the Sky Country. The movie was by no means bad, but as is with many movie, it didn’t live up to the hype that was provided by the preview. I think the reason this was as much of a disappointment as it was is because the biggest thing fans looked forward to when watching this was seeing Sauske in action with Naruto. The animation and voice acting are your standard Naruto fare; the guaranteed high standard quality.


The music is non-existent. I mean, yes, there are background music, but they are forgettable. The story have a good plot, but not as good as any other Naruto movies. About the time this movie came out, we were starving for a little Sasuke action, and we expected to see it in Bonds. Well, we werent totally disappointed, Sauske definitely was in it, and he did his thing, but he’s in the movie for all of 10 minutes total.

There is plenty of action, so no worries there, and all of your favorite Konoha characters are around for the fun, but its nothing you haven’t seen before. The Sky ninja thing is kinda interesting for all of a few minutes, but they wear out their welcome in the opening sequence of the movie in the long, drawn out attack on Konoha. Anyway, bottom line, this is a pretty decent movie continuing the Nartuo saga and at the very least you will be entertained as there is plenty of goofy Naruto goodness to get you laughing, and enough action to keep you a little hyped.



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