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Zombie Hunter Rika – Review October 16, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.

High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter follows a young girl named Rika who decides to visit her grandfather in a village overrun by zombies. Rika, unable to defend herself, gets jumped by zombies but her grandfather, who is a surgeon, puts her back together with an improved man-zombie arm, which she uses to fillet the undead. Simple enough right?

Modern Japanese zombie flicks tend to boast cheap budgets with extreme gore, and are sometimes topped off with an unsettling degree of sleaziness towards women. The premise is pretty cool. I mean, a Japanese school girl amputee with a beefy transplant arm stabbing zombies with a sword?  Sure, why not. If you love obscure Japanese horror flicks that are as funny as they are horrific, then this one is for you.


After recently seeing Zombieland, I am coming fresh off the zombie movie hype and decided to dive into another one. The majority of Zombie Hunter Rika is fairly typical of the genre. Once we get the main group together, they decide where to go. This is unlike Zombieland as these people have a specific agenda on how and what they want to accomplish. There’s lots of blood flowing here, plenty of dead and some surprisingly good action sequences as well.

The special effects in the film are somewhat cheap, and the film seems to rely more on humor and character to accomplish its goals. The Japanese style of humor is an acquired taste I don’t think I’ll ever fully acquire. But, that’s OK because overall I was entertained. For all you Shaun of the Dead / Zombieland fans out there, do yourself a favor and cross overseas and see what Japan has served up for you.  Like my fellow movie reviewer friend over at The Film Reel said, this one is way better than alot of other zombie flicks which try to take the subject matter too seriously. I agree, and it makes for a great time at the movies.



1. Heather - October 16, 2009

There was an episode of Angel that was similar to this. Someone had the hand of a serial killer or some nonsense and the hand started murdering people on it’s own or something. Either way, I kind of like the concept of evil staying it the limbs, it’s fun.

This is something I might actually see even as gory as it sounds, just for the humor, that’s my kind of graphic horror.

2. Starsquid - October 18, 2009

I’d swear this was made in the early 80’s if I didn’t see last years date stamp! At least put some budget in making some real-like blood, lol

3. Ruby - October 18, 2009

Whoa, this is some bloody stuff~

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