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Vexille – Review November 4, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.


The story kicks off in the United States, as an elite commando unit dubbed SWORD launches a surprise attack on a powerful Nipponese conglomerate known as Daiwa Heavy Industries. With the urging of Daiwa Heavy Industries, the world’s leading supplier of such robotic technology, Japan refuses to sign the treaty, opting instead to adopt a new policy of national seclusion. The U.S. secretly sends our heroes into Japan to find out what’s been going on for the past ten years. First off, the plot was really good in my opinion. Nothing trend-setting, but definitely not particularly like something I’ve seen before.

Vexille is a film that blows stuff up in spectacular fashion and that’s the level that most will judge it on. Luckily, it looks fantastic.  Similar to Appleseed, there is a combination of 2-D and 3-D animation, plus the two main heroes are women, which I found to be a nice switch.  It’s jarring to watch, annoying almost, and disappointing given the better crafted fun to be had beforehand. What really impresses about Vexille, however, is that it contains enough material to make an involving Cultural Studies essay and also manages to look fantastic. I mean, seriously, the plot is that serious.


Vexille and Maria, as well as the entire supporting cast, looked almost realistic in their features, it sidestepped the usual anime conventions that we’re used to in the past. There is also some cool music in the film, well placed with the various scenes and unique enough so that it doesn’t strike as typical. I found this a very entertaining Sci-Fi film with tried and true formula of man fighting machine. I wish the storyline would lead to another film but pretty much the way everything was written, everything is contained to one story.

If you read my synopsis at the beginning of this review you’ll probably figure out that Vexille can be confusing, but not for long.  The story picks up a bit after the initial infiltration, but the finale left me a bit underwhelmed as it was quite predictable. There are some great twists and turns in the plot, along with good pacing and delivery that make for a really good viewing experience.  The time is seventy years in the future and the Japanese have taken robotic technology to a whole nother level, combining robotics with biology. With an interesting premise like this, it can only be said that there is a strong mix of philosophical themes beneath the surface. If you dig anime and science fiction, then you should seek out this gem.



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