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My Girlfriend is an Agent – Review November 12, 2009

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.


An organized crime group is set out to steal an advanced chemical weapon from Korea and two secret agents are out to stop them. One is a veteran secret agent named Ahn Soo-ji who is a master of all forms of martial arts and envied by her comrades. Another is a rookie named Jae-joon who’s never been out on the field and always goofs up on the job. The two agents don’t know each other’s secret identity. All that they know is that they hate each other. As a couple that is… Soo-ji and Jae-joon were once a passionate couple until Jae-joon couldn’t take her lies anymore. But all Soo-ji was trying to do was hide her secret identity. So if you couldn’t tell, this is the asian version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Though it seems nearly impossible, they must figure out a way to navigate through the possibility of a rekindled relationship, and attempt to save the world at the same time. My Girlfriend is an Agent does show more attention to character than is usual for the genre, fleshing out the two leads somewhat, and they have a more interesting dynamic than many of their peers. The main drawing card of course is the hilarious relationship between the two secret agents.


The action-film portions of the movie is probably the weakest moments , but its sufficient enough when considering its minor role relative to everything else. It is indeed one of the more entertaining mainstream comedies I’ve seen at the cinemas all year. The movie milks laughs out of the couple’s second-guessing games, and their painstaking attempts and lame excuses to cover up their true identities. Although it would be going too far to call the script clever, it is at least quite inventive in its nonsense, and there are a few very amusing gag scenes. Lying is part of the job, secrecy is the name of the game in My Girlfriend is an Agent.

Despite an immensely contrived plot, and the incredibly flimsy premise whereby Korean spies from two different home agencies-the aforementioned ex-lovers-do not have the wherewithal to discover each other’s secret identities, this film proves to be a guilty pleasure. I wasn’t expecting to like this film as much as I did and I was actually going to overlook this film altogether. I’m glad I gave it a chance. For what it is, My Girlfriend is an Agent completes its mission with great accuracy. Nobody really has to believe that Kim or Kang are genuine agent material. It doesn’t really matter at this point because you will be so preoccupied with laughing and having a good time.



1. cidevil - November 12, 2009

haha this movie sounds awesome

2. glothelegend - November 13, 2009

I think a better title would be, “My Girlfriend is Hot”.

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