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Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black – Review November 18, 2009

Posted by Cello in Anime Reviews.

Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black is a great anime movie. The female villain is just crazy in this film and dark Rukia is definitely my favorite of the villians in all three films. After an explosion that covers about 30% of the Seriettei, Ichigo goes to Soul Society to investigate and finds that everyone there doesn’t remember him or Rukia. Two mysterious intruders break in to the twelfth squad’s laboratory and escape with Kurotsuchi’s latest invention, but not before partially wiping some of his memories and obliterating a third of Seireitei. So, naturally, if you are watching this movie without seeing any previous Bleach material, you will be heavily lost here.

Sadly, Fade to Black suffers from one of the same pitfalls as the series. It starts out with an interesting premise that then fizzles away. In this case, I found the whole concept of erasing all recollections of one particular person, thus wiping out her existence, intriguing, not because of the actual memory loss but because of its repercussions. The concept has been used many a time, and always will be, because it allows a second and maybe third run through the same scene or scenes that we all loved so much. Watching Ichigo fighting his way back through seireitei for Rukia yet again was a good idea seeing as everyone was itching to know how well he would do against the Shinigami forces now.

As the two earlier films in the franchise, Fade to Black takes place in an alternative timeline than that of the ongoing series. After witnessing some rather dismal animation in the series, Fade to Black’s impressive visuals come as a refreshing change. Eventually it picks up and the battle towards the end is awesome with just about all the Shinigami’s and their attacks. As expected this Bleach movie is probably the best among all the Bleach movies that were made until now. In terms of story this didnt left me with an empty feeling.

As an overall this movie is highly recommended but only for those who been through the Bleach episodes mainly because if you havent you won’t be able to understand some things from it. I’m also damn sure that if you are a fan of Bleach it is impossible to hate this movie.  The movie is about when two mysterious beings infiltrate the Seireitei  and erase all memories of Rukia’s existence and what she has done. The plot in the movie was quite strong actually. It made me want to watch it more and more as it went on. For a few good reasons, it was very mysterious as to who those two people were who stole the memories, and suspenseful most of the time. To wrap things up this was definately worth the watch, and I don’t think that I even have to recommend this to any Bleach fan out there. To be honest, I didn’t think there would be more Bleach movies after The DiamondDust Rebellion that would entertain almost at the same level as the original manga. Obviously I was wrong.



1. philosopherpoet - December 4, 2009

I’ve always enjoyed the Bleach anime and manga, so I’m keen to see how the movies have come out. The characters are solid. I found the problem with the anime (like you said) was that it started out fresh and dragged on too long. I think the reason for this is that ‘fillers’ were added which weren’t part of the original manga, and made the storyline introduce characters that shouldn’t have been there.

Great Review 😉

2. jkp - February 7, 2010

Very nice movie
very sadness

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