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Guns And Talks – Review January 20, 2010

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.

The idea of Guns And Talks isn’t too original, but it doesn’t matter because the actors are great and there’s plenty of great humor. Guns and Talks follows a group of wise guys, but run a private business where people from all walks of life can come place an order. After they meet their clients and discuss the time, place and method by which they want their targets to be eliminated, they sign a formal contract. The story itself is interesting and we see the 4 main characters interact with each other and their jobs, all the while hiding pieces of their personal lives, some mixing business and pleasure, and how their friendships make them stronger.

One day, they leave a trail behind on a big job, and Inspector Cho hunts them down. It is not weighed down by an overt pursuit of thematic ambitions that are usually associated with assassination movies. They do some interesting things with the voice over, as well as using multiple screen panels to show lapsing of time and potential actions. Very creative.

This movie has the feel of a boy band going assassin. Where the motives for the hits seem to be a little selfish and mediocre, the antics of the characters and the dynamic of their live-in work relationship fits the tone of the story. Guns and Talks ain’t just another brain dead kung fu fighter. It is a mix of action, romance, suspense, comedy, crime and punishment with a twisted conclusion that will leave you begging for more. The real highlight is when the gunsels are asked to kill an actor during a production of Hamlet. It’s a genuine production, in the Seoul Opera House, so you are watching a real play within a movie and it is really cool how they incorporated it. However, the movie is not perfect. Its flaws generate from the ending itself. Some questions have been left unanswered, leaving the audience to speculate.

Guns And Talks is somewhat of an oddity. It doesn’t necessarily make you roll on the floor laughing hard but it makes you chuckle. Despite their cold-blooded work, they are actually quite harmless and congenial when they are not being assassins. As you can read, I enjoyed the movie but hated the ending. Its a major flaw but not one big enough for me not to warrant telling you that you should see this film.  The ending’s flaws involve the character motivations, plot mechanics, and plain-old logic which have to jump through unbelievable hoops in order to achieve the film’s happy ending. All in all, another solid flick that you should see.



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