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Kung Fu Cyborg – Review February 4, 2010

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.

If this was a totally worthless film I would easily call it a Chinese rip off of Transformers but it bring more to the table than meets the eye. Under normal circumstances, I try to know as little as possible about a film before I watch it. I feel it allows me a better experience the film. Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction is a film I should of done a bit of research on to avoid expectations. The year is 2046 and state-built robot K-1 is entrusted to the care of Xu Dachun, a super-righteous and supposedly incorruptible cop stationed in the Chinese countryside.

Unfortunately, Dachun is only righteous when it comes to crime, and totally hates K-1 because the robot catches the eye of Dachun’s longtime crush, neighbor and fellow cop Zhou Su-Mei. First thing I thougth about when I saw this is robot are incapable of falling in love, but it really doesn’t stop him from reacting. This film is a pretty accurate reflection of its wacky title. However, any effort to avoid disappoint with the film may be wasted. Granted, the target audience in China may be forgiving because the actors are at least semi-popular if not actual stars. This is arguably in its favour, as it delivers something unpredictable and pleasingly different to the norm.

He uses various means to sabotage K-1 and warn off the startstruck Su Mei, but finds himself reliant on the cyborg’s talents when a defective model, K-88, begins to attack its creators. Not really the best turn of events. Thinking back even the Robots in Michael Bays big budget blockbuster couldn’t even fight. Take away the big budget and you have this film. The film mixes its genres poorly, and delivers everything at an interminable pace. This is a long movie, approaching Korean standard of length. One could easily trim 30 minutes and it would do nothing but help the film along.

The ending, without giving too much away, the epilogue says that Dachun turns over his body to the cyborg company so he also dies and there is no real movement in robot rights. Just a god awful ending if you ask me. So why watch this film? Sure, the ideas are not new ones, but keep in mind the restrictions with which Chinese films are made, it seems quietly subversive and even daring to write the film this way. Certainly not a movie I will remember for years to come but I was still slightly entertained which is good enough to garner a low, but passing, grade from me.



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