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Wild Zero – Review February 16, 2010

Posted by Cello in Movie Reviews.

I’ve been spotlighting a lot of the newer big budget movies as of late so I thought I’d bring it back and talk about Wild Zero, which I dug through the archieves to find and am now officially labeling it as B movie greatness. Let us start with how awesome the plot is, Ace helps Guitar Wolf defend the honor of Rock n Roll against an effeminate night club owner who insists cheeseball pop is the way of the future. For this, Guitar Wolf makes Ace a blood brother and gives him a magical whistle that he can blow and summon Guitar Wolf to help him anytime. As Ace hits the road on the way to the next Guitar Wolf gig, a meteorite crashes into the town of the next show, turning all inhabitants into zombies. It is now up to Ace and the members of Guitar Wolf to save humanity in the name of Rock and Roll. Fans of the rock ‘n’ roll movie genre will be pleased to see rock ‘n’ roll doing things you don’t see elsewhere; like taking down huge alien spaceships!

I loved every single second of this movie, from it’s outrageous dialougue, over the top bad special effects and downright fun of it all, I don’t think I can watch this movie enough. Despite being a zombie flick the gore in this film is kept to an incredibly minimum. Another thing that that stands out in the film are its characters. They are all underdeveloped but in their own way very colorful and interesting. Now, this is not an action film so don’t expect it to be one or you’ll be disappointed.

Wild Zero is just crazy and twisted but after watching the whole thing I’m a huge fan. I particularly liked the character of Makoto Inamiya who played a womanizing villain and Haruka Nakajo as a sexy bazooka wielding assassin. Shot in Thailand, the film’s army of the undead was reportedly played by Thai military staff and their families. The alien invasion aspect of the film is pretty much just a plot device to explain the zombies and all we ever see of them is their ships flying past.

Wild Zero is an incredibly silly movie, but if you like that sort of thing, you’ll get ninety minutes of enjoyment out of it. There’s no portion of the flick that hasn’t been done better somewhere else, but all the elements have never been juxtaposed quite like this before. The paranoia of 28 days later or the claustrophobia and social commentary of Romero’s films are entirely absent. Although the concept is ludicrous Wild Zero is major fun from beginning to end. The film is around 10 years old so it should be easy to track down.



1. unclecritic - February 17, 2010

Such a great great great great movie. Wild Zero is my 2nd favorite movie of all time, Love it!

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